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Discover the benefits of used tires

Why spend additional money for new tires when you are planning to trade in your car? A used tire is the best and most economical choice. Notoriu's Used Tires Shop installs and balances your tires as if they were new.

The right used tires for your make and model

Don't rely on a donut as your spare tire! These spares are not designed for long distances. Instead they are made for you to arrive at your local garage so your actual tire can be repaired or replaced.


What if you don't the time to immediately have your flat repaired? Keep a used tire as your spare so you can have a reliable and convenient backup.

Top used tire performance and superior installation

  • Tires for any make or model

  • Installation and balance

  • Remount wheels

  • Reset TPMS

Rest assured by our guaranteed service


We offer free parking on site for your convenience

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